2012 Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee for the Thirds Asia-Pacific Innovation Conference – 2012:


  • Keun Lee (Seoul National University; Center for Economic Catch-up)
  • Hwang Hee Cho (STEPI)
  • Kyung-Han Sohn (SungKyunKwan University; KIPS)
  • Jinyoung Kim (Korea University)
  • Jun-Byoung Oh (Inha University)
  • Beth Webster (University of Melbourne
  • Paul Jensen (University of Melbourne)
  • CAO Heping (University of Peking)
  • Wu Xiaobo (Zhejiang University)
  • Keunyeob Oh (Chungnam National University)
  • Sadao Nagaoka (Hitotsubashi University)
  • Reiko Aoki (Hitotsubashi University)
  • Susy Frankel (Wellington University)
  • Wee Loon Ng-Loy (NUS)
  • Cheng Huat Ho (IP Academy)
  • Show-Ling Jang (National University Taiwan)
  • Hui-Lin Lin (National University Taiwan)
  • Carsten Fink (WIPO)


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